Heart sound simulator

by Plavo Tkivo

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released May 30, 2010

All music and lyrics by Dimitrije Cvetković, except lyrics on 04 by Sanja Stojičić.
Vocals on 03 by Sofija Mihajlović.
Vocals on 04 and 05 by Dimitrije Cvetković.
Cover art by Marina Rajić.

Produced by Dimitrije Cvetković in december 2009 - march 2010 in Belgrade.



all rights reserved


Plavo Tkivo Belgrade, Serbia

Plavo Tkivo is a project of Dimitrije Cvetkovic, a Belgrade-based keyboardist.
It tries to weave together the influences of various genres such as funk, fusion and electronic music together in small musical pieces, each of them having their own unique story, theme and feeling. ... more

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Track Name: In december
When we first met
it was a cold afternoon in december
You held my hand
And sang a song that made me warm
I remember how we used to whisper to each other
when we walked our parks covered in snow
I knew that I would miss that one day

The first time we made love
You said you wanted me to be yours for a lifetime
I felt the same
And my heart would ache
from the thought that you might leave me
I remember all the precious days
When we needed nothing else but each other
I knew that it would have to end
one way or another

I’ll wait
right here, beside you
until you open your eyes
and sing to me again
Track Name: Love
When there is no pretending
When you have trust in her
When you are not ashamed for being less then perfect
When you feel lust for her
When it hurts if she is not there
When you smile everytime you say her name
Track Name: Left
It feels cold inside your chest
when you are left alone,
I know.
I've been you before.

Once I felt just the same
meaningless, empty and unwanted
Used up and thrown away.

I cried my heart out, and it helped.
It helped me forget what it was that I was crying for.